HTTPS links in Redmine email

We’ve been shifting a few things around in our infrastructure, and one of them was the Redmine server.   Getting it up and running on a custom port using https is all pretty straightforward, but when the email notifications on issues started going out to watchers, they all had http://hostname:port/.… in them.   The problem was it was an https server.

Pulling the default swiss-army-problem-solver of searching the web out, it’s in the Redmine FAQ as well as a number of posted solutions.   Apache isn’t passing through the protocol.   So you add in a magic little Apache line for RequestHeader on forwarding the protocol as https and….

It doesn’t work.   

Then into some hairy mod_rewrite.   Firewall configs cause that to turn into a serious conflagration.   What to do, what to do.

Oh look, there’s a setting IN REDMINE on the general page, just under your host name with custom port if you have one of “http” or “https”.

Set that to https, problem solved.

Now trying to get that into the Redmine documentation as an outsider is a whole other adventure, so in the mean time at least it will be here in the swiss-army-problem-solver of the internet, and if you’re specific enough, you got here with a good ol’ search through   Or if you got here through a filter-bubble of a more popular search engine, well heck, I guess my page rank went way up now didn’t it?   🙂

Happy configuring.

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